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How to reach us
By car:

From the North via A1: follow A1 highway to Naples-Salerno. Once there, take A3 highway to Reggio Calabria. Exit "Villa S.Giovanni-Sicilia", follow signs to port. From there take the ferry-boat to Messina and you are almost done! At the arrival, take A18 highway to Catania and it will take about 30 minutes to reach Taormina.
From Catania via A18: follow Messina direction
From Palermo via A20: reach Messina and then merge into A18 highway to Catania.

By train:
If you travel by train, you cannot miss the Railway Station of Taormina, that is one of the most striking models of Liberty style in Italy. There are many trains coming from the North of italy.

By air:
If travel by air, the nearest airport is "Fontanarossa" Catania International Airport (50km to Taormina), where flights from main Italian and European airports arrive every day.
Once you have reached Catania, it is easy to get to Taormina by car, or by coach via A18 highway to Messina and it takes about 45 minutes.

By bus:
It is possible to reach and visit Sicily by coach in a practical and comfortable way. In the city centre of Taormina there is a coach station with runs to main cities of Sicily along with runs to Rome, Amalfi, Bari, Brindisi and Taranto.

By Ferry-boat:
It is possible to reach Sicily via sea from principal Italian ports.
Taormina's nearest port is Messina.

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